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Avoid These 5 Aging Myths

Check out these 5 skin care myths that could actually be causing you to make the sort of mistakes that age you – 1. Skin Should feel tight after washing – If it does feel tight, your face is probably harsh and is drying your skin. This can trigger excess oil to be produced (triggering breakouts) and cause fine […]


Young, Fresh Face And The Road To It

Keeping your skin clean and fresh isn’t that difficult and surely doesn’t cost a lot, but it takes time. According to the professional, the good skin is the well- kept skin. The first and perhaps the most important step is choosing the right care for your skin. Exfoliation is a must, in case you want to have […]

Top 3 Options For Stretch Mark Treatment

Top 3 Options For Stretch Mark Treatment

Do you know what stretch marks are? There are a lot of people today that are in great need for stretch mark treatment for the mere fact that it is something so common that everyone can get it. There are no boundaries for stretch marks, both male and females can get it and age does not seem […]

Helen Mirren’s Beauty Secrets – Not So Secret!

Helen Mirren’s Beauty Secrets – Not So Secret!

If ever a 65 year old woman looked good in a red bikini it would have to be Helen Mirren, film and TV star repute. And if you are wondering what it is that she does to keep looking so terrific, even on the wrong side of 60, then it isn’t much different from what […]

Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Skin

A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Skin

One way or another you have heard the saying that beautiful skin is more than skin deep. It is very true; the skin is just a mirror of the countless activities going on underneath it. You may try tons of anti-ageing and whitening creams but if you do not take extra care of the inside it will only […]

Electric, Rich Colors For Your Daring Fall Makeup

Electric, Rich Colors For Your Daring Fall Makeup

With fall around the corner it is time to bring out the full make up kit. This fall try something really dramatic to increase the heat all around. Experiment with your looks with electric rich colors, the flavor of the season. Bright jewel tones can add vibrant life to your daily attire without going aboard. Jewel tone […]

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A Return To The 70s Look For The Next Summer

If the message from the London Fashion Weekis to be taken at face value, it is the Seventies look that is making a comeback. Here are some tips to recreate the blast from the past look – The accent is on perfect, even, luminous skin with a winsome glow produced by brushes. Product recommended for this look is L’Oréal Paris […]

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Things To Remember When Choosing The Right Teeth Whitening Dentist

Would you happen to know how advanced our medical treatments are today? To be exact, thetreatment for teeth whitening is already a possibility for those that want to have whiter teeth. The tarnishing of teeth is something that is inevitable due to the fact that there are a lot of factors that contribute to it such as cigarette smoking, food […]


Gel Vs Acrylic – Which Nails Are Better?

A woman’s hand is surely her calling card for what woman alive did not dream of having the perfect manicure. Gel and acrylic nails are a huge comeback these last years and the perfect opportunity for any woman to have a spectacular manicure. But with so many women trying the both, figuring out which is better […]

Peptides Can Make A Difference To Your Skin Care Routine

Peptides Can Make A Difference To Your Skin Care Routine

Experts such as Candice Gardner of the International Dermal Institute have recently been explaining the importance of using skin care products that include peptides in them. Products that have peptides could give a real fillip to a skin care routine, because they can help to maintain firmness of skin and promote the all round health of skin. […]