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1. Blown out

6 Hairstyles That Sweep Men Off Their Feet

1. Blown out Megan Fox’s hairstyle is surely one of the most modern hairstyles and it isn’t easy to create. In case you have a long hair, just wash it with shampoo for more volume, dry it as you use the hairdryer and start brushing. Take some fixing gel and apply it from the bottom layers up. […]

acne scar cream

Find The Right Acne Scar Cream For Your Skin

Acne scar can be very embarrassing with its dark color and uneven skin surface; some even appear like red, raised contracture scars on a thick surface and worst may end up as keloid scars with pink, raised, thick surface. Acne scar cream’s success in eliminating marks is dependent on the factors that lead toacne scar appearance. Factor’s like size, depth of […]

Red lipstick

Practice Your Pout Girls – It’s Your Ultimate Weapon!

All the hair flicking and eyelash fluttering will not have the effect on the opposite sex that a pair of luscious, full, pouty lips will – says a study, conducted by scientists at Manchester University. Lips with red lipstick are the most attractive part of a woman’s body, found the study. When a man meets a woman for the first time, he […]

Lunch Break – Time for Some Quick Makeup

Lunch Break – Time for Some Quick Makeup

We are living in busy times and often we don’t have time to take care of our skin and body. Therefore, here are few things you can do about it in the lunch break. Perhaps you think you can’t handle a cosmetic procedure for such a short time, but this is actually not true. There […]


Help Your Hair Grow Faster And Healthier

Have you ever asked yourself how come the celebrities we all love and admire are changing hairstyles so fast, especially growing their hair back with an amazing speed? All women have wondered at one point or the other as to how do actresses cut their hair to follow ahaircut trend only to see them next year […]

How To Treat Acne Fast And Easily?

How To Treat Acne Fast And Easily?

Having acne can be very irritating because your self-esteem and confidence are sometimes put to a test. There are quite a number of medications available but how to treat acne is an issue best addressed by adermatologist. First and foremost, how to treat acne begins with your doctor’s evaluation on the extent of the acne […]


Get The 2010 Holiday Season Glamor Make-Up

The makeup tendency of the season is really different from the last year when it comes to festive makeup. The tendency this season is all about pink and purple eye shadow. Those shadows are very bold and therefore, you can choose to wear them only for some evening events. The holiday looks require bold combinations; so […]

laser for acne

Choose The Laser For Acne Option Best Suited For You

The field of cosmetic surgery has evolved and improved significantly over the years and the era of scalpel surgery has been replaced by several types of interventions; one of which is the laser for acneprocedure. There are several laser for acne procedures available to choose from. Although thecosmetic surgeons will be in the best position to tell you what […]


What Do Your Footwear Say About You?

According to Shoe guru, Meghan Cleary, who has spent years studying women’s relationship with their footwear, your footwear reveals a lotabout you. There are 30 different kinds of “shoe personalities”, she says, some of which are – Court Shoes – for confidence and comfort. Those who wear these are likely to be loyal and reliable friends. Stilettos – […]

5 Top Winter Skin Care and Make Up Tips – Part 2

5 Top Winter Skin Care and Make Up Tips – Part 2

Lashing cold winds outside and dehydrating dry air indoors mean that your skin needs special attention in winter. Here are the top tips for makeup and skin care during winter – 1. The autumn winter trends this year point to tobacco colored eye shadow for the eyelid to produce a very current look. 2. Before you apply […]