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Laser Treatment for Acne Removal

Using the laser treatment for acne removal is becoming more and more popular because it offers both the dermatologists and the patients a very trustworthy tool for solving a very serious issue. The lasers are commonly used in scar removal helping the skin to heal. The process is actually deteriorating the skin, causing a healing process able […]

Tips for After-Party Smelly Hair

Tips for After-Party Smelly Hair

So you’ve been painting the town a bit last night and when you wake up in the morning, you’re in no shape to get the proper wash-and-style routine going. Also you probably don’t have the time, waking up bleary eyed and late as you did. So how do you make sure that you are able to […]

Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas from Vogue

Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas from Vogue

Mother’s day is in just a few days, which is April 3 (though there are divergent views here, some celebrate mother’s day in May). So if you plan to have something nice to gift your mother this mother’s day, read on to see what Vogue recommends. 1. Flower water that can be used as a fragrant […]


Captivate Men with Your Smoky Eye Make Up Look

Sultry, hot, sex-kitten look is how people describe Kim Kardashian’s smoky eye make up. Her perfect almond-shape eyes when complemented with the smoky eye make up create the mysterious and captivating look. To capture the same look you have to know the basic application steps of the smoky eye make up. Smoky Eye Make Up […]

Vampire Face Lift – The New Beautifying Method

Vampire Face Lift – The New Beautifying Method

The vampire craze has certainly conquered the world with so many charismatic vampires present on the screen. So, it comes as no surprise that a new beautifying method based on the usage of blood became popular very fast. In the search to discover new, innovative solutions both efficient and long lasting, the beauty specialists came […]


Beauty Endorsement – Keira Does Chanel Mademoiselle, Kate Does Dior Addict

Beauty is all about creating the right impression and the celebrities are often associated with the image of famous beauty products. We are used to see Hollywood babes promoting the image of a prestigious cosmetic brand so it comes as no surprise that certain brands stick to certain famous female faces for the publicity campaigns. […]

Hair Mistakes You May be Making

Top 10 Hair Mistakes You May be Making

There is a lot that can go wrong with hair, and perhaps this is due to some of these common hair mistakes that you may be making- 1. Over washing is frequently a problem, particularly if you don’t use the right products. If you do have to wash hair every day, use a goodhydrating/moisturizing shampoo. 2. Styling, shampooing and environmental toxins […]

Oral Piercing

The Truth About Oral Piercing

The trends still encourage piercing and many girls are tempted to get one. The love for body art is not naturally healthy so before getting your body pierced there are certain things you should consider. Statistics say that one teenager out of three considers oral piercing while in high school. Oral piercing is surely tempting and piercing your tongue is considered sexy in many countries of the world. The lips are […]


Botox for the Hair? How Can That help?

Botox, as we all know, is an injectible anti-aging procedure that actually works by paralyzing certain facial muscles and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But now we are being told that Botox could be of help for hair as well. There are different reports about how Botox can work for hair – on the […]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Human Hair Clip on Extensions

Human hair clip on extensions have created so much buzz in the fashion and beauty industry. But, just like any fad or craze, people sometimes ignore the important details in using a product. Here you will discover about the advantages and disadvantages of hair clip on extensions. Advantages of Human Hair Clip on Extensions: 1. Quick […]