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What Is and Where to Use a Kabuki Brush?

What Is and Where to Use a Kabuki Brush?

If you use make-up (and most probably you do) it is a must to have a kabuki brush in your kit. This is used for the application of bronzer or blush. It makes the application even and easy. Make sure that you keep your brush clean so that you apply only the needed amount of make-up. Identify […]

Makeup for Summer

Keep Your Summer Makeup Naturally Looking

It is just normal for women to wish to look perfect during the summer. However this doesn’t mean that they have to use a lot of makeup. Even more, sometimes less is more. This means that you should opt for the natural looks instead of the caked-on face. Preparing the face If you would like to have a natural makeup, you should […]

Barefoot Jewelry

Barefoot Jewelry and Shoe Clips – A Hot New Trend for Pretty Feet

So you got yourself that expensive pedicure and love how your feet look – but how do you draw attention to those pretty feet? How do you make your feet and your shoes look more attractive? Well you can try using shoe clips or barefoot jewelry. Here’s what you can do: Barefoot Jewelry Many traditional societies know […]

Starbox by LR-Iten

You can now bring your favorite celebrities into your home thanks to the new Starbox by LR-Iten It has become a new trend among celebrities to create their own fragrancecollection. LR Health & Beauty Systems enjoys working with international stars and supports them in creating their own perfume. LR decided to combine the creations of several celebrities and […]

Summer Make Up Courses

Summer Make Up Courses You Will Love

Once summer comes, the majority of women gain a lot of interest in the make up courses. This is because during this period there is need for make up change and women have to make sure that they look their best during the warm season, not to mention that they have to follow the trends. Primer and courses […]

Good Plastic Surgery

Useful Tips for a Good Plastic Surgery

It is interesting to know that according to statistical information, the good looking people have better paying jobs and they are happier with their lives. This is why a lot of people are looking for good plastic surgery. The experience you have with the surgery partially depends on you. Following the instructions of your doctor When you […]

What Is the Best Facial Mask for Your Need?

What Is the Best Facial Mask for Your Need?

Facial masks are instant rejuvenators, refreshing the facial skin within a short period. A facial mask may provide nutrition, remove dead cells, tighten the skin get rid of blackheads and relax the complexion. It leaves behind a feeling of wellbeing and freshness. One can choose masks to suit various needs, because cosmetic specialists  say there […]

Bad Haircut

What to Do About a Bad Haircut

When Anne Hathaway recently chopped off her trademark tresses for a short pixie bob to look the part for her role in her upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables, she didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. But after she’d had that hair cut, she found herself in floods of tears and was inconsolable. Have you had […]

Oily skin

Beauty Fixes You Can Use This Summer

It is just natural that women want to look their best during the summer months. In order to be able to achieve this you should take into consideration the different beauty fixes. You can be sure that there is some solution for all of your problems. Oily skin If this is a problem you are struggling with, […]

Breast Reconstruction-smoking

Find Out More About Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is something magical for the women who had to go through mastectomy for one reason or the other. This way, women can gain back their self-confidence, sexuality, feminity, not to mention their physical looks. The majority of women, who have a mastectomy, also have this procedure. Timing of the reconstruction of breasts The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeonand it can […]