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Tricomin therapy spray

Top Hair Loss Treatments

Although only few people talk about it, there are a lot of women affected by hair loss. This is why they are looking for the top hair loss treatments. While there are many different kinds of available treatments, you might have to try several of them until you find one that works for you. Minoxidil It is interesting […]

Stop Hair Loss in Women

How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

According to the studies done in the field, if you are asking how to stop hair loss in women it is good to know that some lifestyle changes can really get you closer to your goal, not to mention that taking vitamins can also help. Proteins We all know that hair is made of protein, so to promote hair growth you should […]

Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

The women thinking about the best hair extensions for fine hair should know that the hair extensionsthat are suitable for them usually depend on the effect that women wish to achieve. While some women are looking for added length, others want to have more volume. Micro rings These are small rings that come with small loops containing thin strands of hair that have to […]

celebrity makeup trends

5 Celebrity Makeup Trends for 2013

Neutrals, nude and some colorful eye shadows ruled the celebrity makeup trends in 2012. But this year we are seeing some wacky and bold styles come up. Neon and tangerine hues and graphic eyes are some of the makeup trends that have arrived and here to stay until the year end. Here are 5 such celebrity makeup trends to follow this […]

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s Latest Skincare Secrets

Known for her crystal clear complexion and flawless skin, Emma Watson is a diva by all means. Recently she was spotted on the red carpet and then at the New York airport in her flawless and contoured skin without makeup.  The young lady looks stunning with perfection oozing out of every part of her body. Here is […]

Skin Peeling on Fingertips

Skin Peeling on Fingertips Causes

The peeling of the fingers may be quite embarrassing. In case you are thinking about the skin peelingon fingertips causes, you should know that the symptoms could be made worse by harsh weather, diseases, medical conditions, or allergens. Dry skin In this case, besides the peeling skin, you also experience itching, crack, scale and flake. The problem is caused by […]

Summer Beauty Tips for Women

Summer Beauty Tips for Women

Summer is the time for relaxation and having fun. Although you might be busy with these activities, you should remember about the summer beauty tips for women. In this period, different rules apply than during the colder seasons.   Lemon juice Most probably you will spend quite some time in the sun and it might be […]

Celebrities with the Best Skin

Celebrities with the Best Skin

Many celebrities from the tinsel town have good skin. David Bank – the director and founder of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Surgery – has stated that Halle Berry has a flawless skin, because of the routine at-home care she follows. The smooth skin texture of Ashton Kutcher is the result of the regular […]

Technology as a Tool for Diagnosis of a New Skin Condition

Technology as a Tool for Diagnosis of a New Skin Condition

Researchers at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) have spotted a new skin condition among cocaine users and have developed a technology tool called VisualDx to diagnose the condition. Cocaine-Levamisole Toxicity Dr. Noah Craft, a dermatologist at LA BioMed encountered patients with a rare skin condition called cocaine-levamisole toxicity among cocaine users. He […]

Kerry Washington

10 Hairstyle and Make up Trends from Our Stars

1. Michelle Dockery Michelle’s edgy gown was paired with an equally edgy asymmetric updo. Her makeup consisted ofbright red lipstick and green smoky eyes. The eye makeup consisted of a shadow used to outline the eyes and a shimmering taupe for the lash line. 2. Kerry Washington Sporting smart deep side parting, Kerry Washington wore smoky eye make […]