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Home Solutions for Annoying Summer Whiteheads

Home Solutions for Annoying Summer Whiteheads

Summer comes with many beauty perks but also with many beauty issues. Among the most pesky ones, all women …and men for that matter…dread, the whiteheads are perhaps the one for which you would be ready to try any remedy. What are Whiteheads? Whiteheads are buildups of sebum and dead cells which appear when a […]

Hair Straightening Products

Top 10 Hair Straightening Products

For those who are blessed with natural thick and straight hair, hair straightening does not occur in their list of beauty treatments. But for the rest of us who wish to have a straight mane, styling products and prolonged treatments are the only way to have straight hair. New straightening products come in toxin-free and natural versions of their synthetic […]

keep your skin healthy

Simple Habits that can Help Keep your Skin Healthy

We all dream of having a flawless and glowing complexion. Most of us are familiar with the basics of skincare such as drinking plenty of water throughout the day or being consistent with your skincare routine, but unfortunately, it is easy to end up drinking just enough to quench your thirst, or overlooking some steps of […]

Natural Hair Care Tips for Girls

Natural Hair Care Tips for Girls

Having beautiful, natural hair is the dream of all girls and so it is no wonder that they are looking fornatural hair care tips for girls. These tips will help you keep your hair in the best shape possible and they will also make sure that you don’t lose too much time with hair care. Clean the hair One […]

Lose Curls

Top Hair Trends for Hot Summer Days –July 2013

When it comes to hairstyles and hair colors summer 2013 is all about  exploring your wild and rebellious side. No more good girl haircuts and smooth locks. Trends call for daring combinations and texturized hair. Lose Curls If you are fond of well defined curls forget about them. This summer is trendy to have loose curls flowing done your […]

Makeup and Hair Safety Tips during Hot July Days

Makeup and Hair Safety Tips during Hot July Days

One of the nightmares of women is to have their makeup melted by heat. The good news is that there are some methods and some products that could protect you against problems of this kind, protecting your body, hair, and face against the effects of heat. Body cooler The women who retain water really suffer […]

Small Red Spots on Skin

Causes of Small Red Spots on Skin

In case you notice small red dots on your skin you shouldn’t get alarmed. There are a lot of causes of small red spots on skin that don’t represent any threat to your health and that are easy to take care of. However, you might want to know what it is all about. Cherry angioma This is a non-cancerous and benign skin […]

Skin Cancer

Stages of Skin Cancer Symptoms

The stages of skin cancer symptoms usually start out by small changes of the skin. These can be lesions or growths. Usually these aren’t cancerous, but they could become as time goes by. About 40%-50% of fair skinned people have some kind of skin cancer during their life. Actinic keratosis These are small patches of scaly skin caused by too […]

Makeup Brands

Top 10 Makeup Brands 2013

Today the world of beauty and skincare products has so many well known players that rating the top 10makeup brands is no easy task. However, we have managed to put together some research on this topic and have listed the top 10 make up brands that do justice to all their product lines. 1. MAC Considered the top and best makeup […]

Grandmas Way of Treating Skin Problems

Grandma’s Way of Treating Skin Problems (infographic)

In this day and age of new technology, advanced medical methods to treat diseases, medical conditions and skin problems have taken over the good old home remedies which were once very popular and in use. These home remedies are often referred to as grandma’s way of treatment and these ways are definitely effective even today and especially when the […]