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Lemon and Salt

Top 6 Home Remedies to Cure Cracked and Dry Elbows

You must be pampering all your body parts as per the season and weather conditions, but unfortunately elbows don’t receive as much care as others. Elbows undergo the regular damage and stress when collided on chair arms, wooden desks, and other surfaces and also some health conditions (like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis) lead to chapped, […]

lipstick for your skintone

Choose The ‘Apt’ Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Lipstick is something that adds elegance and beauty to your look. To emphasis and develop an overall attractiveness and to make the look perfect it is very important to match your lipstick’s colour to your skin tone. Applying unmatched lipstick colour might just spoil your entire look and make you look weird in the crowd. […]

pregnancy and cosmetic products

A Guide On Selecting Pregnancy Friendly Cosmetics

Pregnancy is a sensitive time for you and the life growing inside you. The things that you apply on your skin and are absorbed will have as much effect on your baby as would the things you eat and inhale. Just as you know that smoking and drinking in pregnancy is bad for the health […]

eye makeup

Make Your Eyes Look Big And Bright With Easy Steps

Big eyes make you look brighter and younger. It is not that all have got such big and beautiful eyes, but that does not mean that you cannot have your own. You can always have such an eye with the perfect look eye makeup. With ample kinds of eye makeup kits available in the cosmetic […]


Following The Path To Beautiful Skin

When Sir Thomas Overbury, in the year 1613, said that ‘Beauty Is Only Skin Deep’, he perhaps had not visualized a day when the matters of the skin would be a huge concern for women all around the world. Your skin is the first indicator of your good health and as it glows so does […]

sunburn while swimming

How to Avoid Sunburn while Swimming

Swimming is a delightful activity, but when it’s accompanied with skin burning to tanned, things can be not so desirable. In fact, swimming and not getting any sun tanned can be a real challenge. However, there are many commercially available creams or lotion and even some type of special swimwear that protects you from the […]

homemade foot spa treatment

Steps to Go for A ‘Home Made’ Foot Spa and ‘Happy’ Feet

Foot spa has become an increasingly popular salon activity; but is it at all necessary to give away tons of money every month for this job when it can be done well at home? If you are conscious about your hair, skin and body and can get all homemade remedies to take care of them […]

summer feet care

How to Take Care of Your Feet In Scorching Summers?

Winter is the time when all of us get busy taking care of our feet as it get damaged to its worst; but did you ever think how your feet would look during summers when its bare most of the time? Just to keep them happy and summer ready, you can follow some simple and […]

Homemade Cellulite Treatment

Homemade Cellulite Treatment – Effective And Natural

Cellulite is one of the major problems that plague women mind these days. And it’s a false belief that only obese women have them. These dreaded orange peel skin or cottage cheese like skin can appear onto fat as well as skinny people alike. And it is also true that about 90% of all women […]

Way to Bleach Your Hair

Safest Way to Bleach Your Hair

Bleaching your hair is always the first thing that comes to mind when someone says they want to go blonde. The transformation from brunette to platinum is a life changing and daring one, because not only does your look completely change, your personality goes around for a change too. Also, if you want to use […]