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Langer Lash

What Makes Longer Lash Different?

When Green Esthetics decided to make an eyelash growth product they first conducted an extensive study of similar products on the market paying close attention to ingredients which each brand chose. Formulas varied a lot but it was discovered that most of the products that had good reviews regarding results all had some kind of […]

silicone and saline breast implants

Choose The Best Between Silicone And Saline Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is one kind of plastic surgery that has been gaining immense popularity these days. However, choosing among the right way of surgery is essential. This decision needs to be made carefully considering various aspects. Considering the saline and the silicone breast implants, the ideal way of surgery needs to be chosen bearing in […]

makeup tips for faces with freckles

Effective Makeup Tips for faces with Freckles

Looking fair and having a fair complexion is often a dream for many. But most of the times, people with fair complexion come across with the problem of freckles. This is mainly because they would have less melanin content in their skin. When there is less content of melanin, it often causes the development of […]

homemade summer face packs

Use Homemade Summer Face Packs For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you might very often come across a lot of problems when compared to people with any other type of skin. Most of the times, sensitive skin is prone to a lot of problems during summer season due to the scorching heat and irritating sweat problems. In such cases, people often […]

repair embedded blackheads

Remove and Repair Embedded Blackheads

Blackheads generally appear when the skin produces excess sebum and bacteria, not to mention dead skin cells are the culprits. If the bulge on the skin does not close then the surrounding air turns it black leading to a black head. Spreading over the face, chest and hair, these little things can be removed in […]

right makeup brush

Why Should You Choose The Right Makeup Brush?

Applying makeup is an art and as any artist needs the correct tools for his artistry, you need the right tools for applying your makeup flawlessly. As a woman, you might have spent a lot of money on your makeup collection. However if you still don’t know the importance of using the right brushes then […]

makeup for dry skin

Makeup For Dry Skin – Top 4 Tricks To Get The Best Look

The major skin types that we usually come across are oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. However people who have dry skin face the maximum number of problems especially if it is on face. If you also have dry skin then don’t be worried because just by following simple tricks you can easily enhance […]

body odor trouble

8 Best Tips To Smell Good – No More Body Odor Trouble

With the scorching heat, steadily increasing temperatures, constant sweating and perspiration, you tend to smell bad against all your wishes! But is the case so bad that you are driving even the mosquitoes away from you?  Are your secret armpit checks becoming more and more prominent? Is the bad odor giving your reputation a ‘foul’ image? […]

rid of cellulite from thighs

4 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Cellulite From Thighs

Cellulite in the thighs is a very common condition where the underlying fat deposits gives the skin a lumpy, and dimpled appearance – well, giving it quite an ugly look! Such fatty slabs are mostly noticeable on the thighs and also on buttocks. It usually occurs due to decreased blood flow, increased toxins in body […]

lice free hair

Easy 7 Ways To Stay “Lice Free”

Scared of any creepy crawlies in your hair? Head lice is one of the most irritating conditions from which you might suffer; as it feels itchy all of the time, leads to the heavy hair fall due to the constant scratching, furthermore worse conditions can even lead to infected sores. Head lice infection is certainly […]