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natural remedies for skin rashes

Useful Natural Remedies for Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are a common problem and are associated with redness and itchiness. They are very discomforting and can also be painful, depending on the cause. A rash can be defined as a skin inflammation that can cause skin discoloration. A number of factors can be responsible for skin rashes and some of them include […]

natural products for oily skin

Top 4 Natural Products for Oily Skin

Oily skin is really difficult to deal with and if you have it, then you understand the pain. People with oily skin have to deal with blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other types of skin irritations that are caused due to accumulation of oil on the outer skin. Oil is secreted from the sebaceous gland and […]

all-natural ways to say goodbye to skin redness

All-Natural Ways to Say Goodbye to Skin Redness

Facial redness can be really frustrating and can actually make you crazy. It makes you look unattractive and the reasons behind these red patches can by many. Facial redness is common in people who are prone to acnes and can also be triggered due to sun rays falling on your skin, if you suffer from […]

moisturize your skin naturally

How to Moisturize your Skin Naturally?

Dry skin is something very common during the winter times. The cold dry winter winds suck the moisture out of the skin and make it flaky. But winter winds are not the only things that make skin dry and there are other factors as well like genetic causes, nutritional deficiencies, ageing and the likes. Though […]

ways to get pink and supple lips

5 Ways to Get Pink and Supple Lips

Supple and pinks lips are something that we all want as they surely enhance the beauty of your face. But it is really difficult to follow a proper lip care routine and moreover, if you are amongst those women who have a very hectic lifestyle and wrong food habits, then your lips must have already […]

foot care tips for your beache vacation

Foot Care Tips for your Vacation on the Beaches

Taking care of your feet is essential and this is what we often forget. Even while on a beach holiday, a proper foot regime is important not only because your feet will mostly be in the saline waters and sand; but also it will be exposed most of the times. Taking a full-fledged pedicure luxury […]

homemade face packs for a healthier skin

Homemade Face Packs for a Healthier “SKIN”

Despite several parlors and expert services available at our fingertips, all women indulge in homemade recipes to maintain a more regulated beauty regime. It has been a practice that women perfected since time immemorial. Even as children you have been advised by your mothers and grannies to prepare the best recipes for different kind of […]

hair straightening

Hair Straightening and its 8 Perils

Since we all love to change and perk up our looks occasionally, beauty regimes for women range from skin treatments to hair makeover. The latter being the easiest and fairly long lasting, you will usually opt to get your hair done different ways. Sometimes by coloring it, going for different haircuts and also by changing […]

secret of healthy hair makeover through colors

The Secret of Healthy Hair Makeover through Colors

Hair makeover is the most prominent and noticeable makeover you can ever look for. Your hairstyle can accentuate your personality thus it is very important to understand your style. This includes hair coloring too. However, to rock a successful hair makeover through coloring, you need to regularly take good care of your hair, making sure […]

homemade products for healthy hair

8 Homemade Products for Healthy Hair

Nature is the best healer. It provides us with every beauty products and medicines. Therefore hair care is also done best naturally. If you are interested in natural hair care and remedies then you can make your own shampoo, conditioner, color, and treatments at home itself. They are easy to make, and could be made […]