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hair removal dos and don’ts

Hair Removal: Dos and Don’ts

Hair removal is a technique through which a person may remove the unwanted hair from the skin. Hair can be removed from the legs, the arms, the underarms, the face and other body parts. While most women use a disposable razor to do so, others may go for regular waxing sessions to remove hair from […]

take care of your feet at home

Best Ways to take care of Your Feet at Home

Have you ever thought of the fact that our feet are the most abused and most used body part and due to this reason, they tend to get dirty, cracked and chapped often? Well just as we take care of our face and hands, it is important to treat feet with respect and care too. […]


7 Best Foods for Healthy Eyes

What we eat determines the kind of life we lead and also has a strong impact on our health. Foods rich in nutrients can not only keep us away from catching diseases but can also enhance the way we look, the appearance and health of hair and even our vision. Yes, healthy diet can have […]

flossing teeth regularly is very important

5 Reasons why Flossing Teeth Regularly is Very Important

You must have heard a lot about the importance of flossing your teeth and your dentist stressing on flossing every time you go in for a dental checkup. But how often do you actually floss your teeth? The answer may not be positive for most people since they consider brushing to be enough for oral […]

tips for bleaching hair at home

Useful Tips for Bleaching Hair at Home

Are you bored of your existing hair color? Do you wish to cover your brown, greys or white by younger looking hair bleach? Well if you are interested in an exciting new color for your hair, then you can try bleaching using high quality bleach. You can easily get bleaching done from a hair salon […]

How Do You Get Rid of Spots on Your Skin?

How Do You Get Rid of Spots on Your Skin?

Spots on the skin are very common as you get older, and they are generally a sign of a low amount of care given to the skin over the course of one’s lifetime. You won’t be really interested in how the skin spots got there once you have them because all you will be asking […]


Top 10 Foods for Healthy and Lustrous Hair

You spend so much of your hard earned money on your hair health and the appearance of your hair. You spend on shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, blow drying, hair straightening and so many others products. But have you ever wondered about the natural ways to get healthy and lustrous hair? Well you will be surprised […]

causes of hair thinning and hair loss

The Most Common Causes of Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

Excessive and unexplained hair loss can be very worrying and scary not just for women but also for men. Hair thinning is something that can lead to hair fall and even balding and must thus be prevented as much as possible and as early as it is detected. But to prevent hair loss or hair […]

home remedies to treat baldness

Top 7 Home Remedies to Treat Baldness

You may know it by the name of baldness but your doctor may call it by its technical and scientific name which is alopecia. No matter what name you call it with, it definitely doesn’t look good and also takes away from the look of your personality. Males have a higher chance to become bald […]

deal with your curly hair during the rainy season

How to Deal With your Curly Hair During the Rainy Season

Humidity and rains can create havoc for all of those who have curly hair. Whether or not they have frizzy hair throughout the year, they will definitely experience it during the rains. Frizzy curly hair can be very difficult to manage, tame and control. They can totally ruin even the best dressed days and may […]