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hives in children

Treatment of Hives in Children

Children have hives very commonly and they show up as red, itchy, and white raised welts on the skin. It can appear anywhere on the skin and is also known as urticaria. These are not contagious and usually subside by its own after few hours or sometimes a few days. Hives occur due to an […]

teenage acne

Teenage Acne – A comprehensive knowhow

Almost every teenager gets acne – in some its excessive and intolerable while others might have it sporadically. When the skin pores get clogged with the oily sebum and dirt, acne occurs. Teenage acne is very commonly seen on face, back, neck, chest and also shoulders. It is surely not a dangerous health risk, but […]

causes of bad breathe and its solution

Causes of Bad Breathe and its Solution

Bad breath is a very embarrassing problem encountered by many. Scientifically known as halitosis, this unpleasant odour can strike you periodically or can become a chronic issue. This particularly depends on the cause of your bad breathe. You might be unknown about the fact, but the truth is that millions of bacteria thrive in your […]

textured crop

Best Haircuts for Balding Men

A receding hairline, way too early is a problem faced by many people and often they are worried about an appropriate hairstyle for a balding head. Despite the age old awkwardness of baldness, a stylish haircut can make a balding head look chic and smart, sometimes complemented by a neat mustache and beard. There are […]

brushing the hair

Hair Care Myths and Facts

Who does not like a face framed with shiny, bouncy, healthy curls? Women across centuries have adopted various measures to get long, manageable and beautiful hair. In order to improve the texture of hair, we all have resorted to certain measures at one point or the other, without realising that most of these measures are […]