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signs and symptoms of scabies

Learn about the Signs and Symptoms of Scabies

The human itch mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei var. Hominis is responsible for scabies, which is nothing but a skin infestation which is caused when this microscopic scabies mite enters into the upper layer of your skin and dwells there. Furthermore, it lays eggs in the skin layer and spreads it across. Intense itching and […]

wrinkle prevention before they start

8 Secrets to Wrinkle Prevention Before they Start

The ideal approach to achieve a perfect body, mind and look is to prevent the disorders and ailments before they even show up symptoms. Proper diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle and positive outlook are just some key points that can help you keep wrinkles away. Just like brittle bones, memory loss, thin and grey hair, and […]


The Top Natural Anti-Aging Products for Ageless Skin

While it is true that age is just a number and it is the state of mind that really matters, there are certain things that do grow old as we move ahead in life. Our skin definitely bears the brunt of the growing age and starts to lose its elasticity as well as its glow […]

lemon juice

Easy and Natural Home Remedies to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are also known as open comedones and can occur to anyone at any age. Adolescents and teenagers are seen to be more prone to this trouble. Blackheads are usually black, sometimes yellow bumps that develop from clogs at the openings of the hair follicles. Excessive sebum, dirt and oil build up at these openings […]

natural ways to treat pimples

5 Effective and Natural Ways to Treat Pimples

4 out of 10 people can be suffering from pimples and this is more predominant amongst teenagers, adolescents, and people with oily skin. Pimples can be thus called a normal skin condition that many people faces and they are just inflammation of the skin, when the sebaceous glands (oil glands) get infected with bacteria, and […]

mistakes to avoid if you have sensitive skin

List of 5 Mistakes to Avoid if you have Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin always has special needs, if you go on the usual path of skin regime you are bound to face too many complications like acne, wrinkles, burning sensation, itching and may be unwanted eruptions as well. It is indeed difficult to treat and maintain sensitive skin as it can get irritated with the slightest […]