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know about the side effects of Latisse

Know About the Side Effects of Latisse

‘Latisse’ is a prescribed treatment for ‘hypotrichosis’ that is a condition of inadequate or no eyelashes. The treatment was approved by the FDA in December 2008 and was introduced in the market to stimulate the growth of longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. Latisse was developed from a glaucoma drug called ‘Bimatoprost’ when glaucoma patients observed […]

halitosis causes and prevention

Halitosis – Causes and Prevention

‘Halitosis’ is the medical term used for bad breath or ‘fetor oris’. This condition arises in a person when they experience the presence of bacteria below the gum line, at the back of their tongue or due to other ailments in their lungs, stomachs, throat, nasal cavity and other organs. Bad breath is also caused […]

vitamin D deficiency related to hair loss

How is Vitamin D Deficiency Related to Hair Loss?

Vitamin D is a naturally formed vitamin produced in the body when exposed to sunlight. It is also termed as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ and ranges from Vitamin D1 to Vitamin D5. Out of these, Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 are the two important forms of vitamin and are called ‘Calciferol’. The major function of Vitamin […]

tips for healthy curly hair growth

Effective Tips for Healthy Curly Hair Growth

Curly tresses not only look lovely but also demand added care and maintenance regime. The type of hair follicle determines the shape of your hair – whether it will be straight, wavy or curly. An oval shaped hair shaft produces curly hair. Curly strands of hair often get tangled up, attract more dirt because of […]