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facial liposuction

Facial Liposuction – What and How?

‘Liposuction’ is an excellent process of removing fat deposits in individuals who are in possession of genetic fat deposits caused from aging. It is not just a common term but the procedure is actually referred more to as ‘Liposculpture’. Removal of excess fat is a positive change but removing too much fat can cause unpleasant […]

pros and cons of bonding teeth

Pros and Cons of Bonding Teeth

Dental bonding or simply bonding is a dental procedure in which the dentist makes use of a composite resin to repair teeth and replace certain parts which may be damaged or broken.  The composite resin has a unique chemical composition which allows it to osseointegrate with the teeth. Like any other medical procedure, there are […]

best eye makeup brands in the world

6 Best Eye Makeup Brands in the World

Eye makeup is the most important part of the overall makeup and also the most prominent one. Without proper eye makeup, makeup of the face remains incomplete and even on highlighting the eyes little bit; the entire face comes shining through. But it is very important to choose make up products and especially eye makeup […]

hair spa treatments to opt for

Best Hair Spa Treatments to opt for

Environment pollution, dirt, oil, exposure to the sun and excessive use of shampoo often leave your scalp to be extremely greasy and can damage your hair more than what you might expect. To retain the shine and luster of your hair different products are introduced in the market and majority of these products contain synthetic […]

myths related to skin bleaching debunked

Top Myths Related to Skin Bleaching Debunked

Skin bleaching is a method through which one hides either skin hair or dark skin tone to make the skin appear fairer and clearer. This is a very common practice these days and a part of a women’s regular skin care regime.  Skin bleaching creams have become a rage in the beauty industry and just […]