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The Side Part

Quick Fix Hair Styles That Take Off Years

Have you ever wondered why it is a common perception that a woman going through heartbreak can be cured by chocolates, ice cream and a good haircut (not necessarily in that order)? A haircut not only cures a heartache, but also makes a woman more confident about the way she looks and it is essential […]

Hairdressing Scissors

Hairdressing Scissors and How to Choose the Best Ones

If you use often hairdressing scissors, you most probably know that they should feel comfortable in your hands so that your hands won’t get tired and you will have smaller chances of carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI. Usually the hairstylists have several scissors for different purposes. The size of the scissors for hairdressing While some of the stylists […]

Bad Haircut

What to Do About a Bad Haircut

When Anne Hathaway recently chopped off her trademark tresses for a short pixie bob to look the part for her role in her upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables, she didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. But after she’d had that hair cut, she found herself in floods of tears and was inconsolable. Have you had […]

Pixie Hairstyle For A Sexy, Trendy Look

Pixie Hairstyle For A Sexy, Trendy Look

From Rihanna to Victoria Beckham, the short, fringe cut, also known as the pixie cut, is the latest trend in hair. The pixie haircut makes women look cute, stylish and sexy. It is a haircut that should be considered because it is easy to maintain and you never have to worry about its length getting […]

Determine The Perfect Haircut Style For Your Face Shape!

Determine The Perfect Haircut Style For Your Face Shape!

Are you frustrated with your haircut style and feeling to get a new style to your hair with suitable haircut? Most of the unsuitable haircuts are the effect of haircut styles in disproportion to the shape of the face and in contrast to the hair texture. Are you still not sure about what haircut style […]

Vexed With Your Thin Hair? Simple Hair Cut To Make Your Hair Type Thick And Healthy!

It was long before that thin hair was treated style less hair. However today, you can make your thin hair fat, stylish, and healthy. All you need is creativity in styling your thin hair with a right cut and proper care. First, know the difference between fine hair and thin hair to find out your […]

No Saloon, No Hair Dresser, Cut Your Hair At Home - Hair Cutting Tips!

No Saloon, No Hair Dresser, Cut Your Hair At Home – Hair Cutting Tips!

If you are a too busy person and cannot effort to visit a hairdresser regularly then you must go through this passage. Just spend few seconds in reading this and you will find a real good information on how to have a hair cutting at your home. Yes, you read it right! You can cut […]