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tips to keep hair straight in humidity

Best Tips to Keep Hair Straight in Humidity

Humid weather can really create havoc for your hair. Every day in humid or rainy season can be a bad hair day if you don’t take care of them enough. The frizz, the curls and the constant oil in the hair can be very frustrating and may be even more of a problem for those […]

hair straightening

Hair Straightening and its 8 Perils

Since we all love to change and perk up our looks occasionally, beauty regimes for women range from skin treatments to hair makeover. The latter being the easiest and fairly long lasting, you will usually opt to get your hair done different ways. Sometimes by coloring it, going for different haircuts and also by changing […]

straightened hair

Tips on taking care of straightened hair

Hair straightening is very common now days however you should be careful while getting your hair straightened as it might lead to a lot of hair damage, damaging hair follicles and can even make your hair dry. How to protect your hair after straightening is a big question for all the women out there. If […]

Emma Watson hairstyle

Tracking Emma Watson’s Hairstyle Evolution

Teenage sensation Emma Watson of Hermione fame in the Harry Potter movies has grown up with the series. Her style of dressing and makeup has been under the scanner from the time she hit the big screen. Emma debuted as a child artist at a tender of 10 years sporting a shoulder length wavy hairstyle. Since then, she has undergone various hairstyle transformations. […]

Caring for Your Ghds

If you have purchased a new set of ghd hair straighteners, or a ghd hair dryer, you know that you have bought a high quality product. But there are certain things you can do to make sure that your new ghds stay in the best condition. The first thing to remember is that ghd hair straighteners are electrical items so […]

Straightening Curly Hair

Tips for Straightening Curly Hair

People always want what they don’t have. This is why we are curling straight hair and straightening curly hair. Luckily there are a lot of different products that can help you with this, and all you really need to know is how to use the technology that you have at your hands. Preparing for straightening curly […]

Brazilian Kerati Treatment

What Are Keratin Treatments for Hair Straightening and How Effective Are They?

They call them keratin treatments for hair straightening or the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the Brazilian Blowout or simply Brazilian Hair Straightening. This is a method of hair straightening that falls somewhere between hair rebonding (using chemical treatments to alter the bonds in the hair for permanent straightening) and ironing or blowing drying the hair straight. This Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be thought of as a long term blow dry for […]

Hair Straightening Tips with Flat Iron

Best Hair Straightening Tips with Flat Iron

A lot of people are using hair straighteners in our days, but the truth is that a lot of them don’t really know how they are supposed to use them. This is why they could use some hair straightening tips withflat iron. The things that you need for straightening the hair include the flat iron. The best are the ionic […]

Hair straightenin tips

Top Hair Straightening Tips for Beautiful Shinny Hair

Hair straightening is one of the most common activities of women in our days, and in case you are a newbie to it, you might use some hair straightening tips. Their majority works for flat iron, but other kinds of methods as well. Neatness as a tip for hair straightening In order to make sure that you will achieve […]

Hair straightener for men

Is the Hair Straightener for Men a Viable Solution?

A lot of people consider that hair straighteners have been created for women, but you can also find ahair straightener for men as well. There are more and more men becoming aware of the fact that looks does matter and they would like to have straight hair. Flat iron as men’s hair straightener This is the most popular method […]