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avoid head lice infestation

Tips to Avoid Head Lice Infestation in your Household

Head lice are wingless parasites that nests in human hair and draw small amount of blood from the scalp. These insects are contagious and prevail mostly amongst kids. Itching and scratching of head are signs of head lice feeding on your blood. When left untreated for days, small red bumps and sores can develop on […]

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Easy 7 Ways To Stay “Lice Free”

Scared of any creepy crawlies in your hair? Head lice is one of the most irritating conditions from which you might suffer; as it feels itchy all of the time, leads to the heavy hair fall due to the constant scratching, furthermore worse conditions can even lead to infected sores. Head lice infection is certainly […]

Natural Treatments For Head Lice

4 Most Effective Natural Treatments For Head Lice

It begins with the feeling that something is crawling on your head. And then starts the crazy itching. You may be in the middle of a meeting, in a restaurant, or at home watching TV. But when the itching starts, you can’t help but scratch your head feverishly. Sometimes it can be your kids. You […]


Treatment For Lice For Young And Old Alike

Do you have itchy scalp but have no signs of having dandruff? Do you feel like there is something crawling in your crown? If yes, chances are you have lice. These parasites are very disturbing and they can be embarrassing too. If you have them, you better find an effective treatment for lice to get rid of them. Lice […]


Best Head Lice Treatment For Children

Children with head lice is common anywhere in the world. Parents are often confronted on getting the most effective head lice treatment. In fact, the reason for its cause is given less attention compared to its treatment. This is a worrisome condition since it causes itchiness in the scalp brought by head lice bites. If this becomes infected, […]

Is Head Louse Causing Itchiness? Be Free From Head Lice With Appropriate Diagnosis!

Is Head Louse Causing Itchiness? Be Free From Head Lice With Appropriate Diagnosis!

Pediculus humanus capitis (species of louse that infects man) is a scientific name for head louse. Head louse is a parasitic insect that lives in human hair and scalp. To survive, these parasites need human blood. Head louse infestation occurs in people throughout the world. Almost six-to-twelve million people get head lice every year and […]

Is Head Lice Annoying Your Child? Head Lice Treatment!

Is Head Lice Annoying Your Child? Head Lice Treatment!

Hi Friends! Don’t panic or don’t get annoyed by head lice, all you need to do is be thoughtful and have a positive approach treating them. Yes, you have to take head lice treatment, for that have to approach a doctor. The doctors usually prescribe a medicated shampoo, cream, or lotion to kill the lice. […]

It Is Not Dangerous But Contagious! Head Lice!

It Is Not Dangerous But Contagious! Head Lice!

Hi Friends! You or your child or both of you’ll have a problem of head lice, then here’s something useful for you to get rid of these trouble some species. These species are very annoying and make the scalp itchy and inflamed and persistent scratching may lead to skin irritation and even infection. These species […]