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5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Botox

Botox is one such non-invasive treatment procedure which is done in the medical spas, all across America and the UK to offer tightened and youthful skin. The skin treatment relaxes targeted muscle on the face while easing wrinkles and frown lines till they become smooth. It may be used in order to eliminate stubborn lines […]

Galvanic Spa – What, Why and How?

Galvanic Spa – What, Why and How?

Each year people spend billions on beauty products for a refined, glowing skin – but, a major fraction of the essential elements in those products are prevented from being absorbed by skin’s natural protective layer, thus diminishing their effectiveness. Galvanic spa treatments bring good news here with the aid of galvanic machine, which involves using […]

The Correlation between Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breath

The Correlation between Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breath

Post-nasal drip or PND is also known as Upper airway cough syndrome (UACS) or post nasal drip syndrome (PNDS). It is a medical condition caused by the production of excessive amount of mucus in the nasal mucosa .This excess amount of mucus accumulates in the back of the nose or throat and causes an annoying […]

beauty tips for photo shoots

Beauty Tips for Photo Shoots

Whenever you get a photo shoot, be it wedding shoot or a modeling shoot, it is necessary for you to look your best because you are paying someone for good pictures. You should leave your tired face, wrinkles and pigmentation at home and try your best to look flawless for the photo shoot. All of […]

tips to get rid of garlic breath

Best Tips to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

Garlics are a rich source of Vitamin C, B6, Selenium and Manganese. They are proven to contribute to reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases and have a number of health benefits. In addition to all this, they also add an amazing taste to our food and hence, it is difficult to avoid eating […]

hair spa treatments to opt for

Best Hair Spa Treatments to opt for

Environment pollution, dirt, oil, exposure to the sun and excessive use of shampoo often leave your scalp to be extremely greasy and can damage your hair more than what you might expect. To retain the shine and luster of your hair different products are introduced in the market and majority of these products contain synthetic […]

myths related to skin bleaching debunked

Top Myths Related to Skin Bleaching Debunked

Skin bleaching is a method through which one hides either skin hair or dark skin tone to make the skin appear fairer and clearer. This is a very common practice these days and a part of a women’s regular skin care regime.  Skin bleaching creams have become a rage in the beauty industry and just […]

tips to take care of foot tattoo

6 Best Tips to Take Care of Foot Tattoo?

The uneasiness involved in having a tattoo drawn on your body is not limited to enduring the pain while puncturing your skin; it lasts for the following three or four weeks until the wound is healed. Special care is to be ensured during this period for the body art to look good. When it comes […]

know about the side effects of Latisse

Know About the Side Effects of Latisse

‘Latisse’ is a prescribed treatment for ‘hypotrichosis’ that is a condition of inadequate or no eyelashes. The treatment was approved by the FDA in December 2008 and was introduced in the market to stimulate the growth of longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. Latisse was developed from a glaucoma drug called ‘Bimatoprost’ when glaucoma patients observed […]

halitosis causes and prevention

Halitosis – Causes and Prevention

‘Halitosis’ is the medical term used for bad breath or ‘fetor oris’. This condition arises in a person when they experience the presence of bacteria below the gum line, at the back of their tongue or due to other ailments in their lungs, stomachs, throat, nasal cavity and other organs. Bad breath is also caused […]