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tips to take care of foot tattoo

6 Best Tips to Take Care of Foot Tattoo?

The uneasiness involved in having a tattoo drawn on your body is not limited to enduring the pain while puncturing your skin; it lasts for the following three or four weeks until the wound is healed. Special care is to be ensured during this period for the body art to look good. When it comes […]

natural products for your foot care

6 Natural Products for your Foot Care

Everyone likes to have beautiful and happy feet, throughout the year. But this may not always be possible, especially if you are someone who steps out of the house regularly and in open footwear like slippers and sandals. Only through regular maintenance and care of your feet can you truly keep them looking beautiful at […]

take care of your feet at home

Best Ways to take care of Your Feet at Home

Have you ever thought of the fact that our feet are the most abused and most used body part and due to this reason, they tend to get dirty, cracked and chapped often? Well just as we take care of our face and hands, it is important to treat feet with respect and care too. […]

foot care tips for your beache vacation

Foot Care Tips for your Vacation on the Beaches

Taking care of your feet is essential and this is what we often forget. Even while on a beach holiday, a proper foot regime is important not only because your feet will mostly be in the saline waters and sand; but also it will be exposed most of the times. Taking a full-fledged pedicure luxury […]

summer feet care

How to Take Care of Your Feet In Scorching Summers?

Winter is the time when all of us get busy taking care of our feet as it get damaged to its worst; but did you ever think how your feet would look during summers when its bare most of the time? Just to keep them happy and summer ready, you can follow some simple and […]

Honey and Apple Vinegar

Cold Season Care for Dry Cracked Heels

After the lovely summer with its vacation time filled with sun, sea and running on the beach, come fall and winter with beauty issues that need to be addressed with care. With the cold season starting there is increasing need to look after the beauty of our skin. The fall and winter temperature is doing a lot of damage to […]

Fish Pedicure Treatment

Would You Go for a Fish Pedicure Treatment?

In many cases this is the only thing that your feet need in order to be in their best shape. The treatment involves small fish that eat and suck away the damaged and dead skin cells and so your feet will be fresh and smooth. Information about the pedicure treatment with fish Until not so long ago this kind […]

Barefoot Jewelry

Barefoot Jewelry and Shoe Clips – A Hot New Trend for Pretty Feet

So you got yourself that expensive pedicure and love how your feet look – but how do you draw attention to those pretty feet? How do you make your feet and your shoes look more attractive? Well you can try using shoe clips or barefoot jewelry. Here’s what you can do: Barefoot Jewelry Many traditional societies know […]

Foot Care Tips for Your Sore Feet

Foot Care Tips for Your Sore Feet

If you are someone who is looking for various foot care tips on a regular basis then you are probably also someone who has sore feet on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you have sore feet because millions of people around the world deal with this problem every day. When […]

What Are the Natural Solutions to Foot Skin Problems?

What Are the Natural Solutions to Foot Skin Problems?

You really need to think about your overall health when it comes to foot skin problems because you do not want your feet to become infected over time. There are actually many problems that can pop up when you do not take of your feet, so you need to make sure that your feet are […]