Pimples Treatment At Home! Wow!

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Yes, friends this is possible. All you need to do is follow some really very simple steps at home.

As the ingredients involved in all the home made recipes for pimple treatment are natural these procedures yield no side effects unlike those chemical compositions available in the market for pimple treatments which rather empty your pockets and have a drawback of side effects. So safe your skin and pockets!

Pimples are the most problematic and most common among the teenagers.

If you really want to get rid of them you can pretty well do it by following some simple steps and treatment procedures according to your convenience and requirement.pimples

Let’s look into some of the most simple and important tips on how to take a proper care of your skin in order to avoid the root cause of pimples. Just four simple tips to prevent them from happening:

  • First of all make it a habit to drink lots of water. As water helps purifying your body it will protect you from within against the pimples.
  • Eat healthy diet meaning rich in fruits and vitamins. Vitamin C and vitamin E are very good for your skin.
  • Washing your face twice daily with warm salt water will help keep your face clean and away from dirt and dust
  • Before going to bed don’t forget to remove your daily make up.

Now coming to the kitchen recipes, these help you tremendously to get rid of your unwanted pimples or in a way control them or reduce them to a large extent.

Toothpaste for pimples! Surprised! Yes, this really sounds different but it works very well. All you need to do is just apply some toothpaste over the pimples and leave it overnight. You will find your pimples reduced to half their size the next morning!

Unripe Papaya! Take the milky unripe papaya and apply on to the face on the pimple affected area. See the difference! You will notice that this combination not only treats your pimples but also makes your facial skin soft and subtle.

Egg for Health and Skin! Apply egg white over your face and leave it overnight. This will help you in reducing your pimples and makes your skin glow and your skin will feel tight helping it control wrinkles too.

Oil Treatment! Take ground nut oil with equal amount of lime juice in it apply daily and notice your skin reforming into its new look. This makes your skin clear in a way helping to fade off scars if any. Turmeric is considered to be a good anti septic agent. This mixed with whole wheat flour and applied on to pimples will help in getting rid of them.

Rose water with equal amount of cucumber paste or mixed with lime juice and applied for 20 minutes will help in fighting pimples. Take camphor lotion with tomato juice 1/2 tsp and honey 1 tsp mix well to make a smooth paste. Apply on face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash off.

The most simple and convenient method is calamine application. Since age’s calamine is suppose to be the best in treating pimples. Apply calamine before going to bed on the affected area, a thin layer should be applied. Next day morning you will find your pimples shrink to half their original size.

So there you are with lots of pimples home treatment procedures waiting for you to start trying. Select any of them according to your convenience and of course to match your requirement. Treat yourself and stay away from Pimples!

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  1. kriz says:

    You forget to include 8 hours of tight sleep at night. That should be the most important.

  2. admin says:

    ya, really. Eight hours of sleep is important for healthy skin.

  3. Meg says:

    Hey there. I saw your posting from Megsmakeup and wanted to see what your site was all about. I like it. I also read this article and wanted to add a couple of awesome tips. Epsom salt solution can be used a a steril “saline” solution to mix in face masks, used as scrubs among other MANY awesome miracles this stuff does. I’ve tried it and it works EVERY TIME!
    Also, after following the advice of my Mother’s nurse, I was desperate to ditch some bad adult acne – before my wedding (this last May 4th) “No Mrs. Torrie for a whole two weeks already…” ANYWAY, as I was saying…. She INSISTED that I used something from the drugstore called “Hibiclens”… It is an antiseptic cleanser used by hospitals and nurses to “clean wounds” and sensative areas of the body from bacteria. I have never been able to treat my acne without irritating it and I tried this stuff and alternated with my OH SO GENTLE Epsom mixtures and Voila’! I look AWESOME NOW…..

    Don’t forget to mention to your really desperate girls out there that they CAN use modern birth control to not only treat acne, but regulate their periods, ease the cramps, lighten up the PMS, and make life MUCH more enjoyable with a clear face!!! Loestrin is the loest dose out there and also comes with an IRON supppliment in the dummy pack…… Good for preventing anemia…..

    To learn more about MY pics and favorites – along with my own advice – please visit MEGSMAKEUP.COM and look up MY profile “VocalistMeg”…… I am not the owner of the website – but one of Megs’ writers. I write her Monday Colum themed “Does it Really Work??? ”

    You can also visit my site at MySpace.com/MusiciansRock

    P.S> THANKS FOR having such a spectacular website! I enjoyed reading off of it and I have already made it a FAVORITE!!!!!! Ciao’ Meg ~

  4. KITTY says:

    I want to know about the pimples & dark circles

  5. maglunia says:

    In order to get ride of pimples, you must keep your face clean all times. Made of edible algae , containing vitamins Carotene, chlorophyll, amine acids, proteins, SOD enzyme, alga polysaccharides et. al., Chlorella Gel Cleanser can clean corneous cells, sebum, sweat, dust, get ride of pimples quickly, and natural care skin simultaneously.

  6. maglunia says:

    pimples are commonly caused by clogged or infected pores.Chlorella Gel Cleanser can clean skin, get ride of pimples quickly.More information in hppt://www.lijunoilacnepimple.com/.

  7. ash says:

    hi the toothpaste really works thankx alot

  8. mandar says:

    last 20 years i am sufering from pimple.my age is 35 what can i do?please sugest me.my pimples are become heard.

  9. last 14 year i am sufering from pimples. my age is 14 what can i do. tell me please

  10. iam 14 year old and sufering from pimples on my face is there any treatment for this.

  11. sadab prince says:

    thanks for giving me solution for treatment for this problem

  12. Naaz says:

    I want to know about the pimples & dark circles, my age is 25 yrs and i have pimples on my face, even my skin is so oily. please let me know the solution…

  13. Naaz says:

    I want to know about the pimples & dark circles, my age is 25 yrs and i have pimples on my face, even my skin is so oily. please let me know the solution…

  14. carla says:

    hi im 26, i’ve got horrible on my pimples, b4 i used astrengent to removed my pimples, but when the time i stopped using it,, i’ve got so many pimples in my face,, plss help me and advice me of what im going to do

  15. Cynthia says:

    hi read your home remedies for pimples. i want to know if it is okay to burst the pores on ur face

  16. ghieabella says:

    i want to know how to cure my pimples,b4 i used astringent,anti marks cream,but my pimples does’t remove,i also try more beaty products in order to remove my pimples.
    i also try all pimlpe solution tips and advises,but it does’t works,pls help me i dont know what to do….tnx!!!!

  17. vani says:

    hey cool,few days back ,I got a same problem with pimples,use oatmeal face pack daily and clean u r face when going to bed and apply the fair and lovely anti marks cream.
    this is the best solution.
    try this

  18. ganesh says:

    I m having pimples from last 2 months & they r so painful, i have treated to skin doctor but no different i can find, pls suggest me.

  19. ashu says:

    hi plz sugest treatment for my acne…since 3 months..im really embrassed i hav tried lemon..haldi..neem..i m using clindamycin gel on dr advice,its showing effect bt it takes lot of tym. plz sugest some reallly wonderful tip so dat i can get rid of pimples n scars,,plz i m getting engaged soon..

  20. guey says:

    hi…these tips realy gud….specially the toothpaste one…u guyss rockk!! owk byee!!

  21. Marie D'souza says:

    i am a 14 yr old girl studyng ! nd i hv a lot of pimples ! so plz suggest smethng fr it ! as i hv OILY SKIN i use HIMALAYA HERBAL FACEWASH ..so is dt Ok ? nd i evn apply CURD on my face ! bt nthng hpnz ! so plz help !

  22. Julia says:

    Heey I’m Julia and for the past 3 years i’ve had the most uglyist pimples and I don’t know why. I wash my face every night and day but they still come. Also do you have a way of forgetting about popping them? Please I’ve tried everything. My pimples are big and red lumps on my face. I serioustly need help. My doctor said to stop drinking milk and not eating anything including milk. It didn’t work. I didn’t go to school for 2 weeks because I was ashamed and imbarrist about how ugly my pimple face was. Please help me

  23. Devishree says:

    Hi,am 17 n have too many pimples n their spots.the pimples have made holes on my face.suggest some remedy n a good facewash.

  24. Vinay says:

    Iam vinay my age 16years from past 6 months iam suffering from dirty pimples on my face and there are turning in to dark spots.i tried the pimple care product it worked but it again they are cuming.plz suggest any good tip plz bye

  25. keerthi says:

    hi friends , i have lot of pimples and scars for 8 years and am at present working.but i feel so bad .Also my skin is too oily, and it gets dark within 30 minutes after i wash my face.
    please do suggest me some tips to get rid of this.

  26. Joliese Tan says:

    your tips are nice but i wanna suggest one more that helps me to get out of this is to avoid fried food….. yes it works..healthy food helps to get a good glow on face….

  27. sunil says:

    i am sufferring from oily skin and having pimbles on my face so plz tell me the solution of it as soon as possibble to get me reliff from it

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