Suffering From Recurring Hives? Take Necessary Hives Treatment To Avoid It!

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Hives, which is also called as urticaria, is one of the skin infections.

Hives are characterized by red, itchy, and swelling on the skin that comes in clusters.

Take appropriate hives treatment to get rid of hives.

Hives comes suddenly and goes away on its own in a few days, hours, or minutes.

On the other hand, chronic hives can last long period, but appropriate hives treatment helps to control hives. The cause of hives is still exactly unknown.Hives Treatment

Hives can come on any part of the body, either involving the small area or as large patches on the skin. Once if you start to have hives, new lesions will continue to come, but does not last for more than 24 hours.

Allergy is one of the causes of hives, such as allergic to medication, eggs, jellyfish, insect bites, nuts, etc. Tight clothes can also cause an allergic reaction. Exposure to animal dander sometimes causes you to have allergic reaction, which in turn may cause hives.

If you are exposed to extreme temperatures (extreme heat or extreme cold), you may experience hives.

In rare cases, hives may be hereditary, but most of the times the reason is unknown. If you come in contact with sweat, you may develop hives.

Those people who are having recurrent problems with hives need to take necessary precautions to prevent hives. Allergic testing is one of the preventive measures that help in preventing hives.

You also can prevent hives by eliminating food, drugs, and other triggers that cause hives. If you have already had outbreak of hives, avoid taking hot baths or shower bath and also avoid wearing tight clothes.

If you develop hives after medication intake, the best hives treatment is to stop that medication immediately and call your doctor.

If it is clear that the allergy is due to medication, your doctor will immediately change that medication to another and suggests you to take antihistamine drug, such as Benadryl.

You can try some of the following home remedies for hives treatment:

  • If you know the cause of hives, eliminate that triggering factor is best hives treatment.
  • Dabbing milk of magnesia, an alkaline solution, on the lesion helps removing the itchy sensation.
  • Applying the calamine lotion on the lesions helps relieving the itchy feeling.
  • Hives treatment with cool compression helps provide some relief of pain and itchy feeling.
  • Herbal tea is also one of the hives treatments. Peppermint and passionflower tea is very good for health.
  • Aloe Vera gel or vitamin E oil application on the affected area for at least two times a day helps you in controlling hives.

You can also use Acupressure therapy as hives treatment. Massaging trapezius points (muscle between the neck and shoulder) helps in clearing the white and red round patches of the body.

If any of the hives treatment does not help in controlling hives or if you develop breathing problems or swelling around the eyes, lips, or throat, call to the hospital or have anyone to drive you to the emergency room immediately.

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  1. Tammy says:

    This is the second time I’ve suffered hives, six weeks this time; about 3 years ago I had them for 5 months! Doctors prescribed hydroxazine, prednisone, and I took off the shelf benydril. I am also rubbing on a topical corticosteroid cream. On top of the medication being bothersome, watching times and popping pills throughout the day, the INSATIABLE ITCHING is driving me crazy!!! Just when it seems they are going away, I itch a little, which only worsens the outbreak and they’re back in full force. I came across an Aloe Vera plant the other day (a huge one) and am now applying the gel/juice on the hives. I first thought I had ingested something I was alergic to yet they have lasted far too long and I have changed most everything from foods, soaps, clothing material to deoderants. My stress levels were initally high which may have prevoked them but over a month later and I am still breaking out, I’m not THAT stressed; except maybe over the fact that I have I understand that the cause is frequently not discovered or simply unknown. If there is anyone out there that may have a solution, besides the regular stuff I’ve read, & I’ve read A LOT!!! Please PLEASE share some NEW info– Thanx!

  2. CiCi says:

    Drink water, water, water and then more water all the time!

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